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SIMSEG’s main activities are the production, casting and machining, of piston and sealing rings and cylinder liners for engines and industrial applications.


SIMSEG’s ferrous foundry produces, by order and according to drawings and technical specifications, gray or ductile cast iron parts.

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Piston Rings

SIM® is Simseg’s trade mark. 

We produce all the types of piston or sealing rings, according costumer’s specifications or international standards, ISO or DIN.


SIMSEG cast and machines piston or sealing rings for engines, compressors and industrial applications. 



SIMSEG has specific quality control equipment to guarantee the production of piston or sealing rings. The quality system of SIMSEG is certified according to ISO 9001:2015

Standard Grey Iron

96-106 HRB

85.000 – 115.000


Special Grey Iron

108-114 HRB

100.000 – 130.000


Ductile Iron

100-106 HRB

min. 130.000


As a result of the installed equipment and know-how of the team, SIMSEG produces all types of piston rings, from diameter 26 to 180mm, profiles and special joints.


If demanded SIMSEG can produce chrome plated or phosphate piston rings.

Ferrous Foundry

The industrial plant of SIMSEG’s ferrous foundry uses green sand moulding process in stack.
SIMSEG produces cast iron rings, mainly for machining in its own piston rings plant production.
It also produces technical pieces with costumer’s drawings and technical specifications, in grey or ductile cast iron.
SIMSEG is prepared to ensure its production quality with control equipment of material and process.

Ductile Iron

ENGJS - 400 - 15

ENGJS - 500 - 7

Grey Iron

ENGJL - 200

ENGJL - 250

ENGJL - 300

Cylinder Liners

Cylinder liners for engines, compressors and industrial applications are produced by centrifugal casting process.


SIMSEG produces cylinder liners in grey or ductile cast iron.


The cylinder liners in ductile cast iron, due to their exceptional mechanical characteristics, are mainly used in motor race or high performance engines.

Ductile Iron

ENGJS - 700 - 2

Grey Iron

ENGJL - 300

4.200 m2

of industrial area

SIMSEG is the only company in Portugal with its own Foundry and Machining and therefore has a greater presence in the export, which depicts 70% of its sales. It’s main markets are the EU (Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands and  Sweden ), US, GB, Switzerland, Norway, South Africa, Argentina and Turkey.

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